Vacation Packages to Sunny Afghanistan At An All-Time Low


With the price of gas hovering around $100/gallon, many Americans fear they won’t be able to take their family on a getaway this summer. Think you can’t afford to go somewhere sandy and warm? Think again!

Apple Vacations has just released their latest round of ridiculously low pricing on vacation packages for the summer. With places like Cabo and Hawaii costing upwards of $35,000 for a 4-night stay, travelers are starting to look for alternate desinations for some much needed rest and relaxation.

This year’s hot spot: Afghanistan!

Tourists are flocking to Afgahnistan for the shopping, warm weather and sense of security. Almost everyone in this tropical oasis is carrying a firearm to ensure no one disobeys the relaxed and liberal laws of the country.


Apple Vacations has just released their newest promotion – “Family-of-Four Deal” starting at just $11/night. A 7-day, all-inclusive package, starts at just $36/person.

“I don’t know if you necessarily need to hurry. Flights here are not filling up and hotels are typically vacant, or in most cases, completely uninhabitable.” said local Apple Vacations agent, Kelly Masterson. “You don’t need to book too far in advance. Same-day bookings are fine. It’s getting out of here that’s tricky, but I think once you get here, you’ll never want to leave.”

Amy Poehler, a regular visitor of Afghanistan and big proponent of the country, said “It’s gorgeous here. If I’m not filming, I’m here.” When asked if there were any drawbacks to visiting Afghanistan, Amy commented that “…the streets are a little dirty in some areas, but they are in New York too, so you can’t be too quick to judge there. Also, cars here are made very poorly. They seem to randomly explode 20 to 30 times a day. I just avoid transportation altogether while visiting.”


Amy Poehler and boyfriend, Nick Kroll, are regulars at this swanky hotel in downtown Jalalabad. The couple can be seen here walking barefoot through the clean streets of this upscale neighborhood.

The Afghanistan Tourism Department encourages tourists to take part in their local traditions while visiting the country – including Afghanistan’s national pastime of throwing rocks at law enforcement officers.

Apple Vacations would like to remind people that while there is no timeline on these amazing deals, everything is a first-come first-served basis and tickets are selling slowly. Act now to ensure you don’t miss out on witnessing firsthand how magestic Afghanistan can truly be!

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