Dr Brad Ramirez weighs in on today’s hot health topics.

For years, people have argued for and against the consumption of water. Are you drinking enough? Should you be drinking water at all? Dr. Ramirez explains…

People keep telling me that I should drink water, but I haven’t had a water in almost 15 years and I’m reluctant to get back into it. I’ve been exclusively drinking Coke products since I was 19. Since then, I’ve developed diabetes, my skin cracks and bleeds literally every day and I’m up to a full bottle of Aleve before lunch to reduce the headaches. Do you think water would help?

– John, Las Vegas


Hey John, I’m glad to see you’re staying strong and haven’t allowed the water company’s propaganda to affect you. Think of it this way, if your body is 75% water, how much more water could it possibly need? None percent. That’s how much.

Plus, how much water is in Coke? Look at the ingredients on the back. After High Fructose Corn Syrup (which is the FDA’s way of saying “super delicious”) and after the caramel coloring – and who doesn’t love caramel? Only six more ingredients down is water! There’s plenty of H2O in a Cola.

Do you take a shower most days? Water. Ever go swimming during those hot summer months in Nevada? Water. Do you ever get caught in a storm and have to run from your parked car to your house and get drenched by the rain? Your body is 75% water on the inside and typically it’s covered in water on the outside. Think of your skin like a house cat. It drinks in as much water as it wants/needs.

My recommendation? Switch it up and just start drinking Red Bull or coffee. Put lotion on after you shower to reduce the cracking and you certainly can’t blame Coke for your diabetes. I would chalk that up to nothing more than a coincidence.

I appreciate you writing in, John, and I wish you the best. Just remember, any time you exercise (if you choose to) and you sweat a lot, you need to double your Coke intake for the next few hours to replenish the Coke your body just lost.