Gameboy Downs Third Plane in a Month: Hundreds Annoyed


For the third time in the last month, a Nintendo Gameboy is responsible for crashing a plane – causing hundreds of travelers, aboard American Airlines Flight #223 from Phoenix to Houston, to be inconvenienced and mildly upset.

The Federal Aviation Administration release a report Monday, stating that Gameboy’s advanced technology interfere’s with an aircraft’s communication system, causing planes to spin out of control and hurl to the ground.

Detailed diagram of the incident produced by the FAA:


As seen in this detailed illustration provided by the Federal Aviation Administration, you can see that when planes (or aviation towers) try to communicate with one another, the Nintendo Gameboy intercepts the signal and diverts it in another direction.

“When communication is hindered by a Nintendo Gameboy, the advanced operating system of a Boeing 747 basically shuts down” said FAA’s Lead Technology Expert, Pat Williams. “The plane will most likely lose power to the engines, causing the aircraft to seemingly become a 10,000-pound bomb hurtling toward the ground.”

While no one is claiming to have been operating the Gameboy at the time of communication failure, local authorities are confident the owner will be identified by the end of the week.

All 344 passengers aboard the aircraft were unharmed, but most were annoyed by the inconvience of the crash.

“I had a meeting with a really important client in Houston. Now I have to get another flight and I’m sure American Airlines probably lost my luggage somehow. All because someone wouldn’t turn off Tetris for a couple hours? Ridiculous.”
– James Sullivan, passenger.


Nintendo issued a statement saying, “Nintendo is crazy-awesome. If, by some chance, our technology is too advanced for the dum-dums at American Airlines, then that’s their problem. We will continue to hire the people that Google turns away, and make the best gaming consoles the world has ever seen.”

The FAA is looking into the possibility of banning Gameboys from being permitted aboard aircrafts, but at this point, they have to real timeline in which to move forward with the proposed ban.

The Federal Aviation Administration would like to remind people that airline safety is their number one priority and they will continue to make advancements to try and get ahead of Nintendo’s 1991 technology.

“8-bit graphics are so realistic and life-like” said Pat Williams. “It’s just hard to think that anything can possibly get better than that. It’s like Nintendo has the best and brightest from NASA and MENSA working together to come up with this stuff. We clearly can’t keep up with Nintendo. The only real option left is to ban their products.”

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