Spring Brings Flowers, Sun, and Lions


As Winter draws to a close, people across the country (that live in the Midwest) are looking forward to Spring and relief from the harsh cold. Many Midwesterners deal with allergies from pet and plant dander as a result of the climate change. Yet, one problem remains constant for all Midwesterners. Lions.

The warm weather brings an influx of lions to the area due to the desirable habitat. Prides of lions are migrating to states like Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and South Dakota looking for lakes as a source of sustenance.

Where are all the lions coming from?


As seen above, lions seem to be migrating from all areas of the United States, specifically from upstate California, New Mexico, North Carolina and New York City, to settle in the desirable climate of the Midwestern Spring.

Lions have been migrating from the African safari for many years now, seeking a mild climate with minimal rainfall. Water is damaging to a lion’s coat and the hot African soil is brutal to their sensitive paws.

A lion on the front porch of a rural home has become an all too common site for homeowner Tyler Strost, in the town of Fort Dodge, Iowa.


“I just want to get to my car and to work without being harassed by a lion” said Strost. “Every year, around April, these stupid things make their way back to Iowa and it’s a constant battle to not get mauled by one. It’s ridiculous.”

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) would like to remind people that lions are typically more afraid of you than you are of them. If you do cross paths with a lion, remember to wave your hands in the air and yell “SCAT!” It’s also best to avoid grilling during the warm Spring and Summer months, as the smell of the cooking meat will likely attract lions.

The NWF would also like to remind people that while lions are a lazy, slow creature; they are very short-tempered and protective of their young. Never approach a lion cub and do not try to befriend one of these beasts.

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